Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Book of the Week (1st November 2011)

Illuminations from the Hereford Missal (MS. F. 161) and Wycliffe New Testament (MS. Q. 84)

Having spent last week in the depths of the Ironbridge Gorge, I was unable to share my 'Book of the Week'.  To make up for it I have picked out some splendid illuminations from two of our medieval books.  The first three images are taken from the Hereford Missal, a fifteenth-century Church service book which was made in the Diocese of Hereford and given to Worcester Cathedral in the seventeenth century.  A cheeky 'Hereford Hare' presides over one of the pages of text.

The fourth and fifth images come from a fifteenth-century copy of John Wycliffe's New Testament in English which belonged to Bishop Prideaux of Worcester (1641-60).  Gold leaf and crushed precious stones were used to achieve the most vibrant of colours.

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