About your Blogger

My name is Deirdre McKeown, and I am the Worcester Cathedral Library assistant.  I am one of five Heritage Lottery funded Graduate Trainees throughout Worcester, employed as part of the  'Nurturing Worcestershire's Treasures' project.

A photograph of your blogger, taken on a training session at Gloucester Cathedral (September 2013).
In September 2012, I completed my MA in Medieval Studies at the University of York. Whilst studying at York Centre for Medieval Studies, I focused on life-cycle, family and household in the late medieval period. My dissertation examined medieval widowhood and widowerhood, and its fictional representations. Working in Worcester Cathedral Library is giving me ample opportunity to develop my interest in palaeography, and is also allowing me to learn a good deal more about medieval book production and dissemination.

While I am here I will be undertaking a number of tasks including creating four displays over the period of fifteen months, conducting research, leading tours for groups, and, of course, writing the blog and posting fun pictures on our facebook page.

I manage this blog under the guidance of the Cathedral librarian, Dr. David Morrison. The blog is also kept alive and made more interesting by editorial contributions from our team of library volunteers, whose help I am very grateful for.